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2013 Teacher Training

We are planning an Extreme adventure in 2013. People have been asking us about
bringing our workout across America and beyond – and we have listened. We are offering a
unique opportunity for a few special women who have what it takes to spread Burlesque
Bikini Bootcamp fairy dust around the globe. Train with us to become a licenced Burlesque
Bikini Bootcamp instructor and teach at your own gym or studio.
This is an amazing small business opportunity that offers you support to grow your
independent business.

This in not a boring, dusty class – more of a world class adventure that will give you the
tools to become a great teacher and stretch you to develop yourself as a person and as an
artist. The class will take place this spring over two weekends in NYC. Do you have what it
takes to make a legion of women fall in love with themselves? This is more than exercise, it
takes a passionate spiritual calling to share knowledge of how to treat yourself with
compassion.  Our students will come out of this training self confident, passionate and
energized. Even if you don’t want to teach full time, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to
develop yourself as a performer with a supportive network of teachers and fellow students.

What you will learn:

1.        Basics of Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp: Learn the psychology, the structure, the
exercises, the trademarked steps and dances.  In addition you will learning to listen to music
and create your own unique choreography.

Developing as a performer: You will be required to develop your own solo routine
and perform it at a New York show as well as teach a class routine to a group for grading.
We will be working with visiting dance and burlesque experts to tweak your theatricality,
musicality, expression and sparkle – including developing your look and presentation.

Business Development. How to set up your small business; Generate ideas,
promote, publicize and get started successfully.

What is included:

  • 3 weekends (5 Full days) of intense training and rehearsal.
  • Weekly homework assignments, books to read, costumes to design, music to listen to,
    make up looks to practice.
  • Weekly group teleconference's to keep developing in the weeks we are absent.
  • Live NYC show.
  • 1 year of being a Licensed BBB teacher, which allows you to be part of our music and
    tips. When the year is done there is a $30 monthly fee to remain in the music and
    tips. When network


Sat Feb 23
Sun Feb 24
Sat March 23
Sun March 24
Sat April 20th Show & Graduation!!!
$595 Early Bird Special (Sign Up Before Jan 5th, 2013)
$650 Sign Up after Jan 5th (Payment Plan Available)
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