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I am Lady Chardonnay - I love to dance and wanted to devise a really
fun, serious workout that didn't bore me to tears.  I hate the idea of
going to the gym, putting on ugly Lycra shorts, and feeling like my
thighs look fat in the mirror compared to the next gym rat.  I wanted a
work-out that celebrates the female form as it is - working with the idea
that you can love every inch of yourself while tweaking and fine tuning
your body into an even more perfect creation.

I developed Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp in the spring of 2010.  I also own
Brazil Bronze Glow Bar and Brazil Bronze Branding for Women.  I have
studied and competed in Ballroom Dancing since 1994 and continue to
dance, health and self-confidence with other women.  In 2012 I look
forward to developing a teacher training program so that we can share
Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp with the rest of the world!
Meet Pink Champagne! - She has spent her life studying and
performing all types of dance including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Ballroom, Hip
Hop, Burlesque and Yoga.  She is known around NYC for her ability to
quickly choreograph and deliver creative routines to dancers, beginners,
and groups that has them performing in no time.  Her favorite things are
the color pink and anything that glitters!  Her goal is to share with
everyone the joy of dance.

Pink Champagne has her BFA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan
College in New York City.  She has also trained with Princeton Ballet
School, Atlantic Contemporary Ballet Theatre, Peridance, Broadway Dance
Center, and Lori Belilove & Co.  Currently she continues her studies in
dance and yoga at many of the top studios in NYC.
Meet Our Staff...
and began dancing at age 5.  At 15 she enrolled in the dance program at
Marks Gymnasium in Skene and by age 18 she was teaching hip-hop and
jazz at Danshuset in Gothenburg.  After graduation she moved to New
York and joined the International programme at Broadway Dance Center
where she received the Outstanding Student Award in 2008.  She has
performed on stage with legendary disco queen Gloria Gaynor and in
numerous music videos for Lil Mama and Bad Rabbits.

This summer Frida was sponsored by Beyond Dance International Inc, and
got her American Artist VISA.  Frida is currently dancing with the
companies ERA fusion, Heavenly Secret, Double Take and Beyond Dance
International Inc, where she also is the main Dancer and Choreographer.  
We are excited to have her as part of our Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp team.