The Pink Chardonnays were founded in 2010
The Pink Chardonnays
Sign Up now for a year of dancing fun! Perform as a
team with the Pink Chardonnays. The 2015 Pink
Chardonnays Dance Team Membership is an easy
way to sign up once a year for ALL of the Pink
Chardonnays dances.

$999 or $850 (Early Bird) Membership Includes:
    • Unlimited Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp
    • Makin’ Whoopie Comedy Show – An
    International Women's Day Event -
    Bethesda, MD March 6th, 2015
    • Jean Idelle Tribute Show - LIC, NY April 4th,
    •The Montreal Burlesque Festival - Montreal,
    QE Oct 10th - 12th, 2015
    •Pink Chardonnay’s Summer Burlesque Show
    @ Le Poisson Rouge Date TBD
    •Pink Chardonnay’s Holiday Burlesque Show
    @ Le Poisson Rouge Date TBD
    *Please note rehearsals will be Monday
    nights and some Wednesdays nights @ 7:
    00pm at Chelsea Studios.
    *Solo opportunities will also become
    available throughout the year if you desire to
    perform a solo.

$850 – Early Bird - Discounted rate if PAID IN FULL
$999 – with the PAYMENT PLAN (Moving forward
the payment plan is three payments of $333 each!
Simply follow the payment link and choose
“payment plan” at checkout.)

What if I only want to dance in 1 number?
You can still sign up ala-carte to dance in our
shows. The individual links to sign up for a single
dance will be listed below the membership. Just
click on each link separately to sign up.

The Pink Chardonnays
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